I hate packing.

I really do.

I put it off until the very last possible minute.  Every time.

So rather than pack, I am getting all of your wonderful orders ready to be sent out this afternoon.  Which… by the way… I am so grateful for!  Your support has been absolutely incredible, and I feel so blessed that the vision I had in my head has successfully been coming to life!  Thank you, thank you!

After I return from the post office I will be packing for a short yet eventful few days out of town.  Not sure about where exactly I will be staying or for how long (which makes packing that much more difficult), but I am excited for a quick adventure out of town to break up this week of rain and frogs!  Tonsss of frogs!  I heard about a boat that picks up nearby and drops you off down in the Florida Keys.  So I figure I’ll check it out.



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