Looking for a way to spice up your bedhead braids?  I’ve got just the thing.

One of the (somewhat) more recent trends are pierced braids.  People are piercing their strands, and it’s becoming a staple for your hair game.  Maybe it’s been around for a minute, but I needed a little time to interpret this trend and make it affordable for the average gal.  So here’s what I did… (and it only costs $2.99)

1.  First stop, the local arts and crafts store.  Out here my go-to store is the good ol’ Hobby Lobby.  I’m sure you can pick these up in the bead and jewelry-making section of any crafty shop.  I found these rings that have a little bit of thickness and rigidity, but you can still twist them open with your fingers.


2.  Twist those suckers open.  Just enough to loop around a small chunk of hair in your braid.  Then twist it closed.  Easy enough, right?  I just went to town and started placing them all up and down my braids.


3.  The messier the look, the better (in my opinion).  To finish off the style I used a little trick called ‘pancaking.’  The idea is to make your braid flatter (like a pancake), looser and more disheveled looking.  Gently pull apart each section of the braid with your thumb and pointer finger, and if the ends of your layers stick out, just go with it.  Messy is good.


If you give this a try, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram #HellAndHighWater.  I’d love to see it! xo


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